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Zinc Ingots

zinc ingot 99.995%
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    zinc ingot 99.995%
    1.zinc ingot 99.99% 99.995% 
    2.purity: 99.99 or 99.995% 
    3.bright color and good shape 
    4.weight: 25kgs/ingot, 40Ingots in bundles of 1MT,Bundles with plastic belt or steel belt

    Quality Specification:

    Zn (purity): 98.7%-99.995%
    Molecular Weight: 65.39
    Density: 7.14( g/cm3)


    1. Mainly used for die-casting alloy battery industry

    2.Pharmaceutical / rubber industry  

    3.Chemical industries zinc and other metal alloy plating coating industry in applied widely